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Exercise is correlated with the reduction of depression and anxiety. Whether the person is male/female, fit or not fit, young or old, and etc., exercise will be able to reduce their levels of depression and anxiety. Mental activities such as mediation and physical activities like running can help reduce depression and anxiety levels or symptoms in people. Those with severe depression or anxiety can greatly benefit from exercising but even those with minor depression or anxiety gain the benefits of exercising as well for reducing their levels of those mood states.

How exercise helps with Depression and AnXiety
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The reasoning behind your body feeling better, along with your mind is that exercise/physical activity produce endorphins in the brain that act as natural painkillers which improve the overall mood of an individual, This in turn can help reduce depression and anxiety levels for people.

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These exercises are especially great to reduce anxiety and depression in individuals. Using both physical and mental attributions are the most effective during exercise sessions.

General INFormation and Activities that can Be performed

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Depression and anxiety are feelings we all suffer from at one point or another in our lives. Although prescription medications are available for treatment, it has been studied and found that there lies a positive correlation between of aerobic and meditation training in remediating clinical symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Taking a behavioral approach at combating mental illness is associated with overall improvement of mental and cognitive health.


Exercise for Anxiety & Depression


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